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Welcome to our Customer Account Information Center. From the links below your can access your account, contact our customer service team, apply for credit, obtain tax forms, review safety data sheets and request video surveillance footage.


To become a Western Refining Wholesale or Cardlock customer and apply for a new account with credit terms, click the button below.

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For general information or to place an order please call or contact us below:

 phone  (800) 444-5823

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Firebird Fuel / Cardlock Accounts

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CFN Website                

  • View or search cardlock transaction
  • View any card status

 Cardlock Invoices              

  • View wholesale & cardlock statements
  • View cardlock invoices

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Video Surveillance Request

Bulk Fuel & Lubricants Accounts

  • View account balances (all accounts)
  • View account history (all accounts)
  • View invoice details (bulk fuel & lube)
  • View product purchase histories (bulk fuel & lube)
  • Request product reorders (bulk fuel & lube)

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