Refining Operations

Western owns and operates three refineries with a total crude oil throughput capacity of approximately 246,500 barrels per day (bpd), producing primarily high-value light products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. In addition to our 131,000 bpd refinery in El Paso, Texas, we own and operate a 25,000 bpd refinery near Gallup, New Mexico and a 90,500 bpd refinery in St. Paul Park, Minnesota. These refineries and WNRL's Wholesale business segment, which supplies a wide range of fuels, lubricants, and automotive chemicals, are how we fuel the lives of millions of people in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, western Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and northern Chihuahua, Mexico.


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Our El Paso, Gallup and St. Paul Park refineries make various grades of gasoline, diesel fuel and other products from crude oil, other feedstocks and blending components. We purchase crude oil, other feedstocks and blending components from various third-party suppliers. We also acquire refined products through exchange agreements and from various third-party suppliers to supplement supply to our customers. We sell these products to Western Refining Logistics, LP (WNRL), to our retail segment, to other independent wholesalers and retailers, and to commercial accounts.

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Crude Price Bulletins

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WNR FERC Tariffs

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Index of Effective WNR FERC Tariffs

Effective WNR Tariffs                           
FERC No. 1.0.0 (Rules & Regulations)
FERC No. 4.1.0 (effective 7/1/16)
FERC No. 5.1.0 (effective 7/1/16)

Pending WNR Tariffs