Western Refineries

Western Refining operates three refineries — one located in the far west Texas city of El Paso, one near Gallup in the Four Corners region of northwest New Mexico, and one in St. Paul Park, Minnesota — which have a combined total throughput capacity of 246,500 barrels per day. At these refineries, every barrel is refined with special concern for the safety of our employees and the quality of the air, water, and land in the communities where we live and work. 

Our El Paso, Gallup and St. Paul Park refineries make various grades of gasoline, diesel fuel and other products from crude oil, other feedstocks and blending components. We purchase crude oil, other feedstocks and blending components from various third-party suppliers. We also acquire refined products through exchange agreements and from various third-party suppliers to supplement supply to our customers. We sell these products to Western Refining Logistics, LP (WNRL),  to our retail segment, to other independent wholesalers and retailers, and to commercial accounts.

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