Our Retail group operates approximately 260 convenience stores and gas stations located in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, marketed under the brands of Giant and Howdy's. It operates approximately 169 convenience stores and supports approximately 114 franchised convenience stores, under the SuperAmerica brand primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Company also owns a bakery and commissary under the SuperMom’s brand, which markets to SuperAmerica stores and third party companies.

Our locations offer a wide array of merchandise, including soft drinks, snacks, beer, wine, liquor, and hot and cold prepared food items. We also offer a variety of prepaid products (gift cards, wireless, debit cards), as well as financial services such as money orders and ATMs. The fuel we offer includes unleaded, mid-grade, premium, and ultra-low sulfur diesel in most locations. All locations offer public restrooms, and many locations offer RV facilities for the convenience of the traveling public.

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Express Rewards

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What is Giant Express Rewards? It's a program to reward loyal customers with:

  • Cents back on fuel purchases
  • Free gifts
  • Opportunities to win great prizes (electronics, trips, FREE GAS FOR A YEAR)...and more!

You'll earn points with every fuel or merchandise purchase, and you're automatically entered into sweepstakes to win great prizes just by scanning your Giant Express Rewards tag when you buy your favorite items.

It's free to fact, we'll give you a free gift just for signing up! Stop by your local Giant, Howdy's or Sundial and sign up today!

Giant Express Rewards

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