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Wholesale Fuels

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Western Refining's Wholesale group is the leading distributor of gasoline, diesel fuels and jet fuel, along with a full line of lubricants.  We serve a variety of customers including retailers, wholesalers and end-users, throughout the southwest in West Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, southern Colorado & southern Utah, Imperial Valley, CA, and Las Vegas, NV.   We offer branded gasoline supply under the Shell, Chevron, Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, Exxon, Mobil and Valero brands.  We have an extensive fleet of transport trucks, including bob-tail trucks in most markets, allowing us to deliver to any size of customers.

Wholesale Fuels 

Retail Fuel

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The fuel we offer includes unleaded, mid-grade, premium, and ultra-low sulfur diesel in most locations. All locations offer public restrooms, and many locations offer RV facilities for the convenience of the traveling public.

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Firebird Fuel

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Firebird Fuel owns and operates cardlock fuel sites throughout the southwest U.S. Through our FleetWide Fuel Card program, we offer comprehensive fuel management solutions that give business and fleet owners access to commercial fuel savings, customized card controls, additional site security, and 24 hour support.

Firebird Fuel